Hiya and welcome to my h'bout page ~

I'm an avid builder, educator, and graphics enthusiast
whose free time is filled with fitness, reading, and anything dog-related.

Currently, I'm focused on Volumetrics and our work building out

--> volu.dev <--

and MRjs, THE mixed-reality-first web-based game-engine.

Want to get in touch? My email is always open.
Happy building everyone

- @hanbollar

Core Driver

🛠️ 🌱 🎨 🖥️

Builder at the intersection of Physics, Art, && Code

Current Projects



Once a month blog/newsletter that goes over interesting things in the realm of computer graphics. The 'why do's, the 'how come's, the 'what if's, and more...

Project Purple

A writing project whose ending even I dont know yet, but I guess we'll both find out at some point :D


What you do reflects your values

It takes a village to succeed and there's no such thing as a 'self-made' individual; it all bubbles down to the collective involvement of peers, mentors, and personal grit to get to where everyone is in life.


Current ways I mentor - GenHeration, Polygence, Guest Lecturing at Universities, and plain old just email answering ( hello to all you internet people :D ).


Working through projects is a great way to prevent stagnation and writing out new ideas and lessons from projects and research reinforces the learning cycle.


Startups are constantly changing endeavors in the climate of today. Entrepreneurs rely on each other to navigate the always interesting times.

Along with the help from others, I currently advise two stealth startups and invest in computer graphics (gpu, vr, engine, ...), climate-tech, health-tech, and novel opportunities.