Hiya and welcome to my h'bout page ~

I'm an avid builder, educator, and graphics enthusiast
whose free time is filled with fitness, reading, and anything dog-related.

Want to get in touch? My email is always open.
Happy building everyone

- @hanbollar

Core Driver

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Builder at the synergetic intersection of Physics, Art, && Code


What you do reflects your values

It takes a village to succeed and there's no such thing as a 'self-made' individual; it all bubbles down to the collective involvement of peers, mentors, and personal grit to get to where everyone is in life.


Current ways I mentor - GenHeration, Polygence, Guest Lecturing at Universities, and plain old just email answering ( hello to all you internet people :D ).


Working through projects is a great way to prevent stagnation. Writing out these new ideas and lessons from projects and research reinforces this learning cycle for myself and others.

Check out my web-of-words for more.


Startups are constantly changing endeavors in the climate of today. Entrepreneurs rely on each other to navigate the always interesting times.

Along with the help from others, I currently advise two stealth startups and invest in computer graphics (gpu, vr, engine, ...), climate-tech, health-tech, and novel opportunities.

Web of Words

Not a mind-map, but it'll do